About us

Dear customers and business partners. It is our belief that a quality made product is a way to show respect to our costumer, respect to genuine craft, and to showcase the skill hidden inside of Slovak hands. We are certain, that it is in Slovakia in which you can find many youngsters who will without a doubt compete against the cheap products from Asia. Which is why I am glad that European products have risen in popularity among costumers, who are able to appreciate the unique European design and quality.

The formation and history of RED ANT

When my great grandfather opened the leather apron, gloves, and accessories factory in 1920, he indubitably had not dreamt of his great grandson sitting in his very own workshop writing this story a hundred years later. The sense of tradition, which appears in my family history from the very beginning of the 20th century and which – even after nationalization in 1948 and the later abolishment by the regime – has risen from the ashes.

I have played with the thought of re-opening the manufacture for some time, the definite decision was made in 2017. A new production plan focused around quality and fashionable accessories had been made under the RED ANT brand. The name comes from the historical roots of leather processing in our region. We have a record of people living in the region of the middle and upper Danube around 4th to 5th century CE, The Antes people. The ancient Slavic tribe, was famous for its ingenious ability to process leather and leather products. The leather was further used to make work instruments, weapons, as well as clothes and fashion accessories.

Nowadays the production combines the old traditional way of sewing genuine leather with modern IT technologies. The RED ANT brand is responsible for creating unique pieces of fashion accessories with the ambition of expanding to the markets of Western and Eastern Europe.

Exclusively Slovak

From the first idea of design to the manufacture and release of the product, everything under the RED ANT brand is done by Slovaks. Authentic design which uses quality native materials and manufacturing procedures, is an inseparable part of every edition. Cases made of leather or the combination of leather and textile are all handmade in a small workshop based in Southern Slovakia and the city of Rimavská Sobota. That is why each and every one of them is unique and original.


We emphasize precision and detail. We want to create value that lasts. We know that nowadays, accessories are a way of expressing one’s style. It shows one’s interests and aesthetical preferences. It shows one’s view on the world. That is what motivates us to bring series of designer cases for mobile phones, which follow the genuine tradition of craftsmanship and also current trends.

Our mission

Our goal is to frequently change the products we offer and to add a special limited edition offers several times a year. Our employees work restlessly to be able to bring you the most current and superb materials as soon as possible. We want to improve our techniques and broaden our distribution to new European markets. You can browse our current selection on this very web page. Me, together with my colleagues hope, that it will be able to fulfill your expectations.

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