Čičmany tablet/laptop leather sleeve case

Puzdro Čičmany laptop, bordové
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The combination of a modern design and respect for tradition has resulted in a one of a kind Čičmany protective cases for electronic devices. The Čičmany design line is characterized by quality fine genuine leather and decorated wooden element. The case will protect your device against damage, prolong its life and maintain its look. Practical magnetic closure will safely enclose the device inside the case.

iPad 10:
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3L, Huawei M5 Lite, Prestigio Multipad 3101, Lenovo Tab E10, Lenovo ZA480108CZ, Huawei Mediapad 10 T5, Alcatel 1T 10 WIFI 8082, Samsung Galaxy TABS4, Samsung Galaxy TABS5E, Lenovo Tab 410, Lenovo Tab 3 10 Plus, Huawei M5 10, Lenovo Tab 4 LTE

MacBook 12

MacBook Pro 13:
Lenovo IP S130-11, Lenovo Yoga 730-13

MacBook Air13:
Asus UX410UA-GV035T, Lenovo 330-S14, Asus UX410UA-GV024T, Acer Swift 1, Lenovo 330-14

MacBook Pro 15:
Asus E402NA-GA048T, Lenovo 330S-15, Asus X510UA-EJ1177R, Lenovo Idea Pad 330S


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