Kalocsai iPad leather folio case

Puzdro na tablet Kalocsai hnedé
Puzdro na tablet Kalocsai, bordové Knižkové puzdro Kalocsai iPad hnedé Knižkové puzdro Kalocsai iPad bordové

The combination of a modern design and respect for tradition has resulted in a one of a kind Kalocsai protective cases for electronic devices. The Kalocsai design line is characterized by quality fine genuine leather and decorated wooden element. The case will protect your device against damage, prolong its life and maintain its look. The inside tray with the combination of magnetic latch will safely grip your tablet inside the case. It is precisely copying the shape of iPad (see the models below) and considering all the buttons, ports and camera. It is possible to have this case with NFC chip, learn about it in details in this article.


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